September 21, 2020

Pablo and Pingrid have moved

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April 8, 2020

Pablo gets an update

Good news for Pablo users, the program gets an upgrade. Version 2.15 contains various improvements and 2 main features.

Upgrade in handwriting recognition

I have worked to improve the recognition. It is especially noticeable if you write in a cursive form, that is, by linking together some of the strokes, as often happens in natural handwriting.

Improved definition area
When displaying info for a single character, the definition character now shows the alternate pinyins of the same character, as well as the most frequent words using the character. In addition, Chinese characters in the definition area now work as hyperlinks: clicking on them searches the word directly.

To keep track of updates and news, please follow the new page at:

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December 1, 2011

Learning Chinese -- PABLO, my personal Chinese dictionary

Introducing Pablo

A treat for Chinese learning beginners: a compact, nifty, featured-packed and free Chinese-English dictionary for Windows.

Pablo is probably the best Chinese-English dictionary alternative for beginners.

Unrivaled search features
  • English, Chinese and pinyin
  • Search a character from its radical
  • (exclusive!) Find a character from its various elements
  • Simplified and traditional characters
  • Quick navigation (no java, no long downloads!)
Popup definitions in other programs

All graphical interface
  • Handwritten character recognition
  • The best collection of character animations (4,500 characters!)
  • Navigate through search results with one click
Based on the acclaimed CEDICT database, over 90,000 entries.

Click for screenshot:

For tips and support, visit the online forum at:

October 1, 2011

Discover PINGRID version 3, complete Chinese vocabulary game

Make your learning time 100% useful

Pingrid was born as a clever game designed for learning Chinese vocabulary.
Later, Pingrid version 2 introduced a powerful spaced repetition model, to detect the words you need to train and therefore make your learning time 100% useful.

From the start, what makes Pingrid unique is that it is completely geared toward learning Chinese vocabulary.

Version 3 takes Pingrid to a new dimension, with handwriting traing! It combines two activities to memorize your Chinese vocabulary.

Picking words

Picking words in the grid is the original Pingrid training mode. It associates word, sound and meaning.
Its power: super fast training. Priceless when you are serious about learning and have sizeable vocabulary to absorb.
Handwriting is new in Pingrid version 3: you have to draw characters with the mouse!
Its power: active memorization. If you can write a word, then you are much more certain to recognize it.

And Pingrid's adaptive, spaced repetition model directs your effort to the words that do need repetition. No more cramming, your training time is 100% useful.

For tips and support, visit the online forum at:

February 4, 2011

Pablo spricht Deutsch - Pablo parle français !

Pablo version 2.5a introduces support for the HanDeDict Chinese-German dictionary and for the CFDICT Concept Chinese-French dictionary. Both are great collective-effort dictionaries.

HanDeDict user guide
Download the dictionary from:
Unzip and copy the dictionary file handedict.u8 or handedict_nb.u8 to Pablo's data directory.

CFDICT user guide

Fermer Pablo. Créer un fichier vide appelé cfdict.u8 dans le répertoire data. Au redémarrage, Pablo téléchargera le dictionnaire automatiquement.
Vous pouvez aussi télécharger vous-même le dictionnaire sur:
Copier le fichier cfdict.u8 dans le répertoire data de Pablo.

The German or French dictionary will be recognized automatically and you get Pablo's great search features with HanDeDict or CFDICT contents!

Download locations for dictionaries (for manual update):
Français: http;//