October 1, 2011

Discover PINGRID version 3, complete Chinese vocabulary game

Make your learning time 100% useful

Pingrid was born as a clever game designed for learning Chinese vocabulary.
Later, Pingrid version 2 introduced a powerful spaced repetition model, to detect the words you need to train and therefore make your learning time 100% useful.

From the start, what makes Pingrid unique is that it is completely geared toward learning Chinese vocabulary.

Version 3 takes Pingrid to a new dimension, with handwriting traing! It combines two activities to memorize your Chinese vocabulary.

Picking words

Picking words in the grid is the original Pingrid training mode. It associates word, sound and meaning.
Its power: super fast training. Priceless when you are serious about learning and have sizeable vocabulary to absorb.
Handwriting is new in Pingrid version 3: you have to draw characters with the mouse!
Its power: active memorization. If you can write a word, then you are much more certain to recognize it.

And Pingrid's adaptive, spaced repetition model directs your effort to the words that do need repetition. No more cramming, your training time is 100% useful.

Get the installer from the Download box on the left part of the page.
This is a self-extracting file that installs or updates Pingrid automatically.

       Pingrid is a one man effort. Please donate to support developments and updates. You can try out Pingrid for free, but if you like it and continue using it, it is only fair to contribute a small amount, don't you think?

Suggested amount is $15, any amount is welcome-- feedback from users is a treat!

How to get the Chinese voice to work.
You need to install the voice engine with the Microsoft Chinese voice. For step-by-step instructions, look here.

Finally, if you haven't yet, be sure to check out Pablo, a great Chinese-English dictionary for beginners.

For tips and support, visit the online forum at: http://pablopingrid.freeforums.net