December 1, 2011

Learning Chinese -- PABLO, my personal Chinese dictionary

Introducing Pablo

A treat for Chinese learning beginners: a compact, nifty, featured-packed and free Chinese-English dictionary for Windows.

Pablo is probably the best Chinese-English dictionary alternative for beginners.

Unrivaled search features
  • English, Chinese and pinyin
  • Search a character from its radical
  • (exclusive!) Find a character from its various elements
  • Simplified and traditional characters
  • Quick navigation (no java, no long downloads!)
Popup definitions in other programs

All graphical interface
  • Handwritten character recognition
  • The best collection of character animations (4,500 characters!)
  • Navigate through search results with one click
Based on the acclaimed CEDICT database, over 90,000 entries.

Click for screenshot:

For tips and support, visit the online forum at:

Get the installer from the Download box in the left part of the page.
This is a self-extracting file that installs or updates Pablo automatically.

       Pablo is a one man effort. Please donate to support developments and updates. You can try out Pablo for free, but if you like it and continue using it, it is only fair to contribute a small amount, don't you think?

Suggested amount is $15, any amount is welcome-- feedback from users is a treat!

How to get the Chinese voice to work.
You need to install the voice engine with the Microsoft Chinese voice. For step-by-step instructions, look here.

Finally, if you haven't yet, be sure to check out Pingrid, a fun and effective game to train your Chinese vocabulary.